COVID-19 documentaries

How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect society as we know it?
How does the COVID-19 pandemic affect society as we know it?

The Dutch and Flemish public broadcasting stations are investigating different aspects of the current crisis. From future viruses to the worldwide production of medicine, experts show what needs to be done to change our world for the better. This is our selection of current affair documentaries.

Pano Inside Corona
Pano: Inside Corona (40') offers a unique behind-the-scenes insight into the crisis. The patients and the tireless staff of the Ghent University Hospital all fight their own battle. On the other hand, virologists at the Rega Institute are feverishly testing for a vaccine.

Backlight Corona Crash
The virus is sweeping through the financial markets. Stock markets worldwide are plunging and rising briefly. Backlight: Corona Crash (30') investigates what is happening in this parallel world, where exchange floors are closed but some are already bargain hunting? 

Zembla China's Medicinal Power in the Corona Crisis
Most of the raw materials for our medicines are made in China, but factories have been closed down due to the virus. Zembla: China’s Medicinal Power in the Corona Crisis (37') shows that at a time when medicines are most needed, countries may be facing a shortage.

Blacklight Tomorrow's Virus
For many doctors and scientists, the current COVID-19 crisis didn't come as a surprise. In Backlight: Tomorrow's Virus (42'), renowned virologists Ron Fouchier and Marion Koopmans share their insights. What will tomorrow’s virus look like? And how can we prepare for it?

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