ATF Line-up and new drama series

Good to see you again Singapore! For this year's ATF, we have a special addition to our catalogue: six wonderful Dutch drama series!

Good to see you again Singapore! For this year's ATF, we have a special addition to our catalogue: six wonderful Dutch drama series!


The Spectacular
Lead detective of the special investigation team Jeanine Maes goes on a thrilling hunt for Fiona Hughes, the most ruthless and feared female member of the IRA unit. The Spectacular (4x50') is a conspiracy thriller mini-series based on a succession of IRA attacks on English targets in the Netherlands in the late 1980s. 



The Call
The Call (24x25') is a series about emergency dispatchers faced with the most extraordinary emergencies that they have to handle under great pressure. From the perspectives of the emergency room and the caller, decisions are made on the spot that can make the difference between life and death. The call always starts with the same question: 'What is the location of the emergency?’



The drama series Riphagen (3x50') tells the true story of Andries Riphagen, one of Holland’s most notorious criminals during the Second World War. He enriched himself through the black market, by trading in the goods that had been left behind by Jews, and by tracking down and blackmailing Jews in hiding. Rather than being a story about a hero, a noble deed or a victim, Riphagen is a story about a perpetrator.



To secure his dream of becoming a lawyer, butcher's son Bram has his sights set on Ithaka, a prestigious fraternity house. Freshers (28x25') is a rough and thrilling drama series about a student fraternity. The young students in this series all have fantastic career prospects, but in order to become a genuine member of the old boys’ network they will need to be accepted into a close-knit community in which friendships are cemented by alcohol. 



In Force (43x50'), Theo Kamp is the corp's best homicide detective. When he steps out of line in the investigation into top criminal Freddy van Nuenen, he is taken off the case and demoted to the hemp team. Here he is allowed to keep quiet for the time being under the supervision of his new partner Willem Niessen, the corps’ most correct detective. Will Kamp succeed in catching Freddy van Nuenen after all and get his old job back?



In Godforsaken (31x50'), horrific deeds, inspired by true crimes, come frighteningly close. How can someone go that far? This drama series tells stories about young people’s experiences with criminality, from the perspective of the perpetrator and the victim. The viewer is confronted with crimes inspired by true stories.

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